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Contrasting wolves

My body is a room full of ghosts
Its walls made of frail bones, cracked stones
Broken light rays hazing through the holes, made-up windows
Violet and green hues collide, neon existances side-by-side
Contrasting wolves fight for expression
In a crystal chamber of ressurection
Ever-changing shadows, they fill my soul
Daunting growls of fear echoe through my skull
My heart's an ever expanding bomb ready to collapse
Counting my final days by a stop-motion time-lapse
As I sit still hallucinating by the sea
The wolves, they fuse themselves psychadelically
In the dark room of dispair, their sillouettes embrace
Ether floods the air, body seizes, there's no place
Nowhere, no clocks, seizure of shattered bones and rocks
The void of materiality bursts finally
Violet and green they set me free



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